WCG - Coffee Scale + Timer

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World Coffee Gear® - Coffee Scale

The must-have for every barista!

  • Rechargeable Coffee Scale
  • 2 x penlite + USB-C cable to recharge the inside battery
  • Timer
  • Weight from 0.1 grams to 5,000 grams
  • Special silicone mat to hold smooth products and portafilter
  • Comes with an extra silicone mat
  • Comes in a basic package
  • World Coffee Gear is a Dutch company born out of a passion for coffee, espresso and tea. WCG develops its own 'essentials' for every barista who wants to work with the best materials.

WCG works with suppliers all over the world who, like WCG, work every day to get the best result for that bit of happiness in your cup!

WCG's essentials consist of various product groups such as Tampers, Tamper Stations & mats, Dosing Rings & Cups, Distributing Tools & WDT, Cleaning Tools, Decorative Storage, Scales, Knocking Box, Portafilter Holder for Scales, Tea Infusers & Hour Glasses.

WCG supplies products across Europe and is also your partner for Private Label Coffee Gear!