Frequently Asked Questions

Who initiated World Coffee Gear?
World Coffee Gear is a company founded by Jochem Snels, for over 25 years in coffee.
What does WCG mean?
WCG is the abbreviation that stands for World Coffee Gear
World Coffee Gear is a distributor for great coffee gear brands in Europe.
World Coffee Gear is holding offices in The Netherlands.
What brands does WCG sell?
Fellow, Planetary Design, Staresso, Kruve, own label World Coffee Gear and Joy Resolve
Here you find the brand websites, where you can find extra information, tutorials, vids and more.
FELLOW product info to find HERE
Joy Resolve product info to find HERE
Planetary Design product info to find HERE
Staresso product info to find HERE
Kruve product info to find HERE
World Coffee Gear product info to find HERE
Will there several brands be added in the WCG portfolio in the future?
Yes, we always search for exclusive brands to distribute in EU
Are you on social media?
Yes, you can find us on @worldcoffeegear     LinkedIn      Youtube      Pinterest
How can I contact WCG
For general questions send us an email on 
For inquiries send us an email on  
By phone, call our sevice team: +31 (0) 88 – 8009853
In which countries do you supply resellers?
We supply resellers in all EU countries with free trade, but have exclusivity for most brands for Benelux, Denmark, Sweden, Finland & Norway
How can I become a reseller for WCG?
Easy going! You need to fill in our ‘inquiryt o become a reseller’ form. You can find it HERE
Where do I find resellers of WCG?
We will list them on our webshop, soon.
What are the requests for becoming a reseller of WCG?
Well, you need to have a VAT number and we need to know where to invoice to and where to ship to. You can apply HERE 
What are the margins for a reseller?
That depends on volume and brand. 
Can I buy on account as a reseller?
At first, we invoice you before we deliver (pro forma). Once we have established a trusted relationship, you can purchase on account.
Can I have exclusivity in my region if I become a reseller of WCG?
That always depends on volume, country and the presence of other resellers launched earlier
Can I create my own account as a reseller?
Yes you can, simply make an account HERE
What are my benefits as a reseller?
Good question. You get discounts, information on new products, insight into historical purchases, database of high-quality content, warranty and guarantee settlement without nagging.
Can anyone become reseller?
No, only after you have send in a request and you have a VAT number and are registered with the chamber of commerce in your country. Then you can apply HERE
What should be the minimum purchase value for a reseller?
€ 300,00
How about VAT?
If you as a reseller fill in your VAT, the shop will automatically check your VAT and  if your number is agreed, will invoice without VAT in the check-out
If I am an accredited reseller of WCG, can I start ordering right away?
Yes you can!
Does WCG also have parts in stock?
Yes we have or we can order them fast for you
Do you support resellers marketing activities?
That depends on the request. We assess each application individually and look at likely outcomes.
If I am accredited as a reseller, can I also receive content for my web shop?
Yes, but only for purchased items/brands.
Does WCG work with special prices for holidays, like Father's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas?
Yes, we have some attractive offers in cooperation with the brands to generate momentum. We do this only on the basis of pre-ordered products.
From where are products shipped when I order through the WCG shop?
From our warehouses in The Netherlands
How does the process look like from order to delivery?
When you have paid online
-       After you have ordered we send you a pro forma invoice. When the invoice is transferred to our bank, we will send the goods and you should receive the order within 2-3 days for Benelux and 3-7 days for EU after payment.
When you ordered via mail as a reseller
-       After we have received your order, we send you a pro forma invoice
-       Onces the invoice is transferred to our bank account, we will ship the goods
-       You will receive the goods within 2-3 days for Benelux and 3-7 days for EU from date of received payment
What is the delivery time of my order (after payment)?
Benelux: 2-3 days
Europe 3-8 days
How do I follow my order?
We work with track & trace on every shipped order. You will receive this in the mailbox of your WCG account when the order is notified to the courier
Do all brands deliver their products in retail packages?
Yes, but the packages of World Coffee Gear own barista essentials have a basic packaging; that's why they are so competitively priced.
What are the shipping costs?
It depends on which country an order is shipped to and the value of the purchase. Orders from €750,- net in Benelux are shipped free of charge. Shipping costs for all EU countries outside Benelux will be charged according to country-specific table rates.
If I have questions about my order, how can I be informed?
You can contact our helpdesk on estions about my order, where can I ask them? Monday – Friday from 08:30AM until 5PM
Telephone: +31 (0) 88 – 8009853
Returns, replacement (spare parts) & Warranty
I would like to return products or send a request for spare parts; how do I manage?
For resellers: As we work for b2b, we are not obliged to take back sold products.
However, if a product arrived defective or damaged, you can request a return, of course!
If you need spare parts to service your cistomers, please send us your request.
We have a return or request form for this purpose. You can find it HERE
For Consumers: you have the right to return the purchased products within 14 days after your invoice date.
You can use this FORM
Does WCG provide a warranty on purchases?
Yes indeed! Each manufacturer uses its own guidelines. 
Fellow, Planetary Design and World Coffee Gear: 24 months after purchase.
Staresso and Kruve: 12 months after purchase.
But, only if production or manufacturing defects are involved, not when due to misused and if used professionally, the warranty is only 6 months from invoice date.
For Resellers, use this FORM
For Consumers, use this FORM
What is your return policy?
For Resellers: If you have received the wrong products, you can return them free of charge, use this FORM please.
For Consumers: If you have received the wrong products, you can return them free of charge, use this FORM please.
If products are deilvered with damage, we ask you to prove this, within 2 days of receipt. After that, we cannot process it anymore.
For resellers: If products you have delivered to customers do not work, you can make a warranty claim.
For returns, please use the form HERE 
What is your warranty policy?
All products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects, not user errors and not if used professionally. Most brands have 24 months warranty.
If a product is found to have a manufacturing defect, you can request a replacement.
For Resellers: click HERE
For Consumers: click HERE
Purchase for Consumers
Can consumers also purchase from World Coffee Gear's web shop?
Of course they can, but:
- they will receive no discount unless it's an offer
- they have to pay for shipping if not living in Netherlands
- the minimum purchase is € 300,00 excl. VAT
- If you like to buy for lower purchase volume, please go to 
Do consumers see the price incl. VAT or excl. VAT?
All products are shown both incl. and excl. vat.
The correct VAT per country is only visible in the check-out
Is VAT always the same?
VAT differs per country. The shop automatically chooses the right rate in your checkout when you have filled in your address.
Can I find a reseller in my region?
Any consumer can see on the web shop whether there is a reseller in their region. Find your reseller HERE
How can I edit an existing order?
If you haven't checked out yet, you can easily update the order. After you have checked out, the order cannot be modified.
What is my warranty?
For most brands you have 24 months warranty on your product, but only if used for private, not professionally.
If I'm not satisfied, can I return or change?
Yes, for consumers within 14 days after date of payment, you may change or return you product. Use this FORM please
The product has arrived broken, what can I do?
Sorry for that, you can register the product using this FORM
Customization for b2b only
Do you have the possibilities for customization?
Well and truly! We have the options to personalize every Airscape from Planetary Design.
Look for the possibilities HERE
What is the minimum to buy for customized items?
48 items if engraved and 96 items if Imprinted
Look for the possibilities HERE
Product information/downloads
Do you supply manuals to download?
Yes, if suppliers provide user manuals of products, we have them HERE.
FELLOW product info to find HERE
Joy Resolve product info to find HERE
Planetary Design product info to find HERE
Staresso product info to find HERE
Kruve product info to find HERE
Do all products of the brands carried by WCG comply with European safety guidelines?
Yes, all the products we carry are suitable for the European market. 
Are all products dishwasher safe?
No, some products should only be cleaned with hand washing or even just a slightly damp cloth. Please read the user manuals carefully. Look for Product Information per brand
Which means of payment are accepted?
All kinds of different methods are possible. You can find them in the FOOTER
If we send you a pro forma, you get a payment link in your invoice.