Staresso Pro (Mirage)

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Staresso Plus – Portable Espresso Maker

The Staresso Plus lets you brew the perfect espresso, as well as other coffee drinks such as cappuccino, latte and lungo.
The Staresso Plus has a 180 ml water tank and a large filter basket that fits 18-22 grams of ground coffee.
Beautiful crema layer thanks to high pressure 

With this Staresso, you build up a pressure of 15~20 bar. Perfect for making espresso, iced coffee or cold brew wherever you are. 
Easy to use 

Staresso Plus requires no battery or electricity to operate. Simply add finely ground coffee into the coffee filter basket, pour hot water into the water reservoir (max 92°C) and start pumping. The espresso comes directly into the cup below. 
Easy to clean

  • The all-in-one design makes brewing espresso easy, while all parts are easily removable for complete cleaning. Simply use water to flush and your Espresso Maker is clean! Clean your Staresso regularly with a detergent.
  • Foldable stand
  • 3 cup sizes: Single shots, Doppio or Lungo
  • Patented durable pump
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Dimensions: 24 x 14.5 x 8.9 cm
  • Water capacity: 180 ml
  • Ground coffee capacity: 18 - 22 g
  • Material: FDA-approved plastic and stainless steel


Staresso Pro (Mirage) – Portable Espresso Maker 

Making the perfect coffee has never been easier! 
With the STARESSO PRO Portable Espresso Maker you can enjoy Espresso on its own or create coffee drinks like Cappuccino, Caffé Latte, Caffé Americano and Red Eye. 
180 ml water tank and a large filter basket dose and tamps 18-22 grams of ground coffee for single shots, double shots or lungos
Staresso’s innovation system set the pressure at 15~20 bars, which is twice as high as electric coffee machines. 
Staresso Pro requires no battery or electricity to operate. Simply put Fine grounds coffee into the coffee filter basket, add hot water (max 92°C) and start pumping. The coffee will come out directly into the cup below. 
The all-in-one design makes brewing espresso easy, while all components are detachable for entirely cleaning. Simply use water to flush. 
Some facts: 
  • Foldable stand 
  • 3 cup sizes: Single shots, Doppio or Lungo  
  • Patented durable pump 
  • Indoor, outdoor, office 
  • Weight: 500 g 
  • Dimensions: 24 x 14.5 x 8.9 cm 
  • Water capacity: 180 ml 
  • Ground coffee capacity: 18 – 22
  • Material: FDA approved PP & Stainless Steel 
* Nespresso® is a third party brand that is not affiliated with Staresso® or Another Cookie® 

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