Planetary Design - Airscape® Classic 500gr. - Matte Red Rock

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Planetary Design - Airscape® Classic 500gr. - Brushed Steel

The Airscape® Classic Stainless Steel coffee and food storage canister includes a patented vacuum lid that removes air from the canister and does not allow air from outside to enter so that freshness and flavor are maintained.

Most food storage canisters are only "airtight," meaning they trap air along with the contents. The Airscape® pushes the air out of the canister, creating a vacuum effect. This extends the life of your coffee, tea, flour, sugar, grains, seeds, spices, nuts, pet food and other food-related products.

You can also reduce packaging waste by refilling your Airscape®. Good for the environment!


Planetary Design - Airscape® Classic 500gr. - Matte Red Rock

The Airscape® includes 2 BPA-free lids. One sealing lid and one vacuum lid. There is double closure.


  • Dimensions: Height 17,8 cm - Width 12.7 cm
  • Colour: Matte Red Rock / Red
  • Stainless Steel Canister
  • The patented vacuum lid with valve pushes air out of the canister and seals the contents.
  • The lids prevent odors from entering or leaving the canister.
  • The lids also ensure that the contents retain their flavor.
  • Perfect for storing food and food-related products!
  • Clean by handwash.
  • Safe for food contact according to EU standards.
  • Available in multiple colors!

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