Kruve - EQ Glass 2 Pack Excite & Inspire

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Kruve EQ Glass 2 pack Tasting Set

Kruve is a company that revolutionizes the world of coffee.

They search for new and innovative solutions, which allow you to get all of the best from the brew.

Their role is to enrich and harmonize the flavor. Just as different varieties of wine need suitable glasses, just as much coffee needs an appropriate frame.

The set of two glasses Excite & Inspire will take your breath away with its futuristic design and extraordinary features.

Double-walls keep the temperature of the beverage, yet they stay cool to the touch. Simultaneously the rim is thin and single-walled, so it is comfortable to drink.

The unique shape affects the flavor balance and brings out the aroma. Clear glass allows you to see the color of the brew and its texture. With this product, Kruve once again takes the coffee world to a higher level!

World Coffee Gear is the only authorized distributor for KRUVE in Europe!


Kruve EQ Glass 2 pack Tasting Set

  • Patent pending spherical design for a consistent surface area
  • Set of 2: Excite & Inspire
  • Double-walled borosilicate glass, keeps coffee hot while remaining cool to the touch
  • Optimized for black coffee
  • Works great for dark-roasted or light-roasted coffee
  • Dishwasher safe
The spherical inner design maintains a consistent surface area. This allows you to set the base and pour the most epic latte art without any distortion. Now get the perfect pour of your favourite milk-based espresso drink.

The set comes in:

  • Excite 150ml
  • Inspire 150ml
World Coffee Gear is the only authorized distributor for KRUVE in Europe!

More Information

More Information
Colour Clear
Length 155mm
Width 98mm