Cookie Policy of World Coffee Gear B.V. 
This Cookie Policy describes how cookies and similar technology are used by World Coffee Gear B.V. ("WCG", "we", "us" or "our") to record and store data when you visit our websites ("Website") or receive an email from us. For more information on our privacy policy, please refer to our Privacy Policy. 
Types of cookies 
On our Website, we use session cookies, persistent cookies and pixel tags and/or javascript tags to collect and store data about you. A cookie is a small data file that is sent from the Website to your computer's hard drive and stored there. The cookies on your computer then send information to the person who placed these cookies on your computer. For example, session cookies are needed to keep you logged in during your visit to our Website. These cookies disappear from your computer the moment you close your browser. Permanent cookies remain on your computer even after you close your browser. However, you can delete these permanent cookies via your browser settings at any time. 
In general, our cookies have several functions: 
1. Necessary cookies 
These cookies are essential for the functioning of our Website. For example, we need these cookies to identify users. You need these cookies to use our Website. If these cookies are disabled by the user, the content on our Website will no longer be fully accessible.  
2. Performance cookies 
These cookies allow us to analyse how our Website works. We do this on the basis of visitor data collected from the various sections of our Website, the products viewed, the products purchased, the duration of a visit and any problems encountered, such as error messages.  
3. Functional cookies 
Through these cookies, the Website remembers what choices users have made, such as user name, products in the shopping cart and preferred language, so that we can offer a more personalised experience.  
4. Behavioural advertising cookies 
These cookies are used to deliver content tailored to users' preferences and interests in the form of a customised landing page and to show products that match those interests. These cookies also allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of our campaigns. These cookies and pixel tags (hidden images that record certain events, such as when the user visits a page or opens an e-mail) may be shared with our partners as part of promotional activities or used internally to measure the effectiveness of our e-mail campaigns.  
Some of our partners use cookies on our Website for the functions described above. For example, like many other websites, we use Google Analytics to measure the performance of our website.  
For more information on all these cookies, please visit and . 
How can you disable or delete cookies? 
If you activated or disabled certain cookies during your first visit to our Website, you can always undo this choice by changing the settings in your browser. If you want to disable cookies, receive a notification the moment a cookie is placed on your computer or delete all cookies from your computer, you can do so through your browser's settings (usually under "Help" or "Internet options"). See the links below: 
- Internet Explorer:  
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- Safari:  
If you disable or delete cookies via your browser settings, you run the risk that important functions or sections of the Website may no longer be accessible to you, that you may have to re-enter login details each time and that your use of the Website may be limited. If you delete all cookies via your browser or use a different browser or computer, we will ask you again if you want to receive cookies (opt-in). Click here to stop receiving flash cookies: .  
Why are cookies used? 
Our Website uses the cookies described above for the following purposes: 
First party cookies.  
- WCG uses session cookies to store products in the shopping cart and to ensure that you remain logged in during your visit. The data required for this purpose are stored together with your IP address and the cookie ID. These session cookies are necessary for the use of the Website. 
- WCG may also, with your consent, use a permanent cookie to remember your login details, so that you do not have to enter these details every time you visit our Website. This function is only activated when you check the box under the login screen that enables this option. 
- WCG may also place a permanent cookie on your computer the first time you visit our Website, with your consent, so that you are recognised as a visitor and it is known whether you have visited the consumer or business webshop. On each subsequent visit to the Website, this cookie is updated with a time/date stamp and information is stored about the products you have viewed, so that the products on the homepage of our Website can be personalised based on your previous interests. If you are a registered customer, WCG may place a permanent cookie on your computer that records the date and time of each visit and determines whether you are a business customer, and which may be linked to your transaction details (as described in our Privacy Policy), so that the products on the homepage of our Website can be personalised based on previous orders. 
Third-party cookies, pixel tags and Javascript tags 
A. Website analytics 
Third-party website analytics providers, such as Google Analytics, may use persistent cookies and pixel tags/javascript tags to analyse your visit and browsing behaviour on our Website and other websites, allowing us to analyse the use of our Website. These third-party website analytics providers may also record your IP address. WCG receives the data collected by these providers linked to your IP address in order to optimise its own Website and marketing campaigns.  
More specifically, for our Website we use Google Analytics, a product of Google, Inc ("Google"). This product uses cookies to help us analyse how visitors use our Website. The data recorded by these cookies about your use of our Website are transferred to Google Analytics and stored by these companies on servers in the United States. This data is anonymised before transmission by deleting the last eight characters of your IP address. This data is processed by Google on our behalf for the purpose of evaluating your use of the Website, compiling reports on site traffic and providing other services relating to site traffic and internet usage. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by them.   
If you initially agreed to all these cookies, you can later indicate that you no longer agree to the collection of your usage data (including your IP address) and to the processing of your data by: 
- Google; you can do so by clicking this link and then downloading and installing the add-on for your current browser: 
B. Targeted advertising  
Our potential external advertisers may place cookies or pixel tags/javascript tags on some of the pages you visit on our Website. These cookies and pixel tags/javascript tags are intended to collect your IP address and other usage data (such as the products viewed by you, date and time of your visit, the amount of products in your shopping cart), so that we can analyse your interests and browsing behaviour on our Website and provide you with targeted advertisements specifically tailored to your interests when you next visit our Website or other websites.  
The data thus collected via cookies and pixel tags/javascript tags may be passed on as a collection (without IP address) to third parties for the purpose of targeted advertising, advertising management and market research analyses. 
C. Social media plugins 
On our Website, we offer social media tools from social media providers such as LinkedIn and Instagram. When you use these tools, you share certain personal data with your friends and with the providers of these social media. These activities, which involve the exchange of data, are subject to the privacy policy of the respective provider. Furthermore, there are social plugins for Instagram and LinkedIn on our Website, allowing you to exchange friends' information and activities with Instagram/LinkedIn members while visiting our Website. For example, through these social plugins, Instgram/LinkedIn can show your "Likes" and the "Likes" of your friends on our product pages when you are also logged in to Instagram/LinkedIn during your visit to our Website. We have neither control over nor access to the data collected via these cookies and social plugins. This data is entirely within the control of the relevant social media provider in accordance with its privacy policy. For more information on this, please visit the website of the relevant social media provider.